Cancer january 9 horoscope

Taurus April May 20 Travel for pleasure will totally appeal today. And if you cannot travel for pleasure today, then make plans to travel for pleasure in the near future! Enjoy the arts and crafts of other cultures.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Romance with someone different might begin. Be still my beating heart. Gemini May June 20 Gifts, goodies and benefits from others will come your way today so keep your pockets open and be receptive! Enjoy your good fortune!


Cancer June July 22 This is a great day to schmooze with others as well as close friends and partners. People want to have a good time today and you can! You can also improve your closest relationships, which is always a good thing to do.

Leo July Aug. You might do something to earn extra praise; and a few of you will even get a raise. Do what you can to improve the appearance of your workstation.

WEEKLY Horoscope 9th - 15th January. A Radical Week! LIFE CHANGING Full Moon Shakes Up all 12 Signs

Make things nice for yourself. Virgo Aug.

January 9 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Enjoy a long lunch. Meet friends after work. Or better yet — play hooky for the whole day! The arts, sports and fun activities with children will appeal. Please yourself today. Have fun! Libra Sept. Events, connected to higher education or the law, are highlighted. But, then, so are artistic and athletic interests.

Under stressful and planetary aspects you have no doubt learned a few harsh lessons. Perhaps you have realised that, while it is nobler to give than receive, you must not promise what is beyond your power to deliver. You must know where to draw the line. A particular emotional tie is much more important to you than you care to admit. From now on, maintaining such vital associations will require more effort than you have been prepared to put in the past. That could leave you with more time in the long run. Look upon this as a time for psychological spring-cleaning.

Challenging planetary pressures are being transformed rapidly into harmonious influences, and all parts of your life will benefit. On the flip side, if it's been a while since you splurged on yourself, do it today.

In love, it's time to be honest about what you really need so you can finally receive it. Love you first. You might be going out of your way today to make others happy, but if it means compromising yourself and what you really want, you might want to take a step back and rethink things. Know that your value is dependent on how much you do for other people. It's OK to be choosy. Your intuition is strong today, so don't be afraid to trust what you feel.

Speaking from the heart could help you get what you want, just try to do it with some compassion. Meanwhile, if you need to make a decision, it's OK to wait until you have more facts. No need to rush. You might be feeling like an odd-duck out more so than usual today when it comes to a certain group or circle of people that you know. As such, try not to measure your worth by whether or not you feel accepted in this group as you were meant to be a bit of a rebel. It's all about you and your needs today, which may mean putting time and attention into things that you may not be thrilled to do but are necessary for your own well-being, health, and success.

Planetary Row

Know that the work you're putting in now will pay off. Value yourself and honor you needs. Aries March 21 - April